Current Projects


  • Jordan Border Security System Sustainment


    1. Transitioning JAF to self-sustain JBSP system
    2. Develop and install depot-level maintenance facility


  • Jordan Armed Forces (JAF) Warehouse Management


    1. Receipt of equipment, equipment kitting, inventory tracking


  • Jordan new surveillance tower design and installation


    1. New site design
    2. Power design
    3. Housing design
    4. Tower design and installation
    5. System installation


  •  Jordan Wadi Glade Surveillance Program


    1. Construction Management
    2. Owner’s representation
    3. Temporary housing


  • Transportation Services


    1. Strategic Management
    2. Consulting contract to major US defense company for strategic planning and concept of operations development
    3. Customer relationship management to end user, US Government and major subcontractors


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